How to pose a question to the library

What is this service and who may use it?

The goal of this service is to answer simple reference questions for current patrons of the Comfort Public Library and members of the community. In-depth reference assistance can be obtained by either calling the library at 830-995-2398 or by visiting the library. This service does not provide in-depth research assistance, or the renewing, photocopying, retrieving or holding of library materials.

When should I expect a response?

Simple reference questions received Tuesday through Thursday will be answered within 2 business days with the exception of holidays. Questions received from Friday through Saturday will be answered on the following Tuesday. All information is supplied by e-mail. We cannot provide photocopies or faxes.

Examples of questions/services:

Question: What is the capital of someplace?
Response: We will provide you with factual information.

Question: I need to find articles on a topic something. Where can I look?
Response: We will recommend sources for you to search. However, we will not perform searches and send you the results.

Question: I need help on the keywords to use in a search. Response: We will recommend terms and search strategies to you. However, we will not perform the searches and send you the results.

Question: Do you have a specific book? Response: You may search the library's online catalog for this information on your own.

Question: What was the cause of major world event? Response: You need to come to the library to conduct research where we will be happy to assist you.

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