Library Policy


It is the mission of the Comfort Public Library to provide a broad range of Library services of the highest quality to all citizens, in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The Library will meet the informational, educational, recreational, cultural, historical and intellectual needs of its patrons.

The public Library is a way of escape from the narrow area of our individual lives into the field, finite no doubt, but unbounded, of the wisdom and experience of all mankind, and, the ultimate achievement of the public Library must remain a matter of faith in the power of accurate information, important ideas, and inspiring literature to give an upward thrust to the lives of the many people that the Library serves. (ALA)


Patrons are issued a Library card immediately upon completion of their registration card at the Comfort Public Library. Children and young adults under the age of eighteen must secure consent and signature of parent or legal guardian. Identification is required.

Patron privileges are free of charge to all residents of Texas. Patron privileges are also extended to residents of other states who are current members of the Friends of the Comfort Public Library.


New patrons are limited to a single item checked out on the first visit. Thereafter no check-out limits are imposed.

All books and books on tape may be checked out for fourteen days (2 weeks).

Renewal may be made by phone, mail or in person if there is no waiting list for the material.

Video tapes may be checked out for three days. Check-outs are limited to four tapes per family per visit. Multi-volume video sets may be treated as a single item at the discretion of the Library Director.

Back issues of periodicals may be checked out for seven days (1 week).

Reference materials may be checked out overnight at the discretion of the Library Director. Vertical file materials, rare books, current issues of periodicals and CD-ROMs are for Library use only.

Audio-visual equipment includes Polaroid camera, video cassette player/recorder, audio tape player/recorder, overhead projector, slide projector, 16 mm projector, digital camera, pc projector, portable pc and projection screen. Equipment is checked out by arrangement with the Library Director.


Computer workstations are located in the Library to allow patrons full access to the Library Electronic Card Catalog, CD ROM Reference, assorted software programs and the Internet. Guidelines for computer use are posted in the Library and here.

The Library shall not be responsible for and has no control over information, content, or views expressed on the Internet. The Library disclaims any liability or responsibility for any information obtained through the Internet or any consequences arising through the use thereof. Parents of minor children are urged to supervise their children's sessions and will be held responsible for their children's use or misuse of Library resources.

The Texas Penal Code Sections 43.22 and 43.24. apply to obscene display of material. Applicable sections of the Texas Penal Code are posted in the Library. The U.S. Code; Title 17 Copyright Laws apply to materials obtained from the Internet. Applicable copyright statements are posted in the Library.