Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Comfort Public Library is the group of library supporters who work diligently with the Board of Trustees to secure the necessary financial resources for the operation, maintain effective lines of communication between the Library and the community as a whole and serve as a source of inspiration to continually improve Library service.

Membership Dues

$2 Donation Student
$5 Donation Individual
$10 Donation Family or Patron
$25 Donation Business
$100 Donation Sponsor

Lots going on at the Library.......programs, contests, hearings, opportunities to volunteer.   Here's an update.


The Backdoor Bookstore is trying to expand its opening hours on Saturdays to allow a time slot from 11am-1pm. The library is open until 1pm so the volunteer would not be alone. The usual volunteers for Saturdays would then take over at 1pm-3pm when the store closes.

If anyone has an interest in filling one of these time slots, please call Shan Thomas at 995-5744 or leave word with Tracy Ahrens at CPL. A July schedule will be pinned on the office door entrance for volunteer use.  The training is simple, the operation is simple and you get access to great books at bargain prices.  You don't have to commit to every Saturday, you might just be able to do it once a month, but that is what the signup sheet is for and the monthly schedule.  So, if you have  free time between 11 - 1 on a Saturday, give it a try.