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Access through the Library or Around the corner from 7th Street. 

The Backdoor Bookstore is open for browsing whenever the Library is open and on Saturday until 1pm.

Over 1,500 interesting volumes available.

The Backdoor Bookstore has been established to provide a revenue stream to support Comfort Public Library Operating costs. It is staffed by volunteers and relies on donations of good quality books donated by the Comfort community.

Donations may be dropped off at the Library. However we can not accept badly worn books, medical or legal textbooks, instruction manuals or pamphlets.

If the Bookstore is closed but the Library is open, the Staff will gladly open the Bookstore for you.

Most Hardbacks $2 or $3
Fiction Paperback $1.00
Non Fiction Paperback $2.00
Children's Books $1.00
Music CDs $2.00
Audio Books $2.00
Puzzles $3.00
Special Books $3.00
Periodicals $0.50
First Edition,
Collectible Books,
or Media
As Marked


Watch for special sales held in late April and during the Christmas in Comfort celebration in late November.

Back Door Bookstore